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Jewish Histories & Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments

In addition to quotes from the Bible, primarily the book of Genesis, this novel includes material from other historical documents.

Jewish Histories:

The Book of Enoch – A history book that includes both historical and prophetic content. Often referred to as I Enoch to distinguish it from Gnostic books the early Church rejected.

The Book of Jubilees – A history book that contains events familiar to readers of the Biblical Genesis but also includes some unique details. Also called “Little Genesis”.

Both books were commonly read in Jewish communities during the Second Temple Period (538 BCE through 70 CE).

Dead Sea Scrolls:

The Book of Giants – Fragments of a Scroll which contains material related to the story of the Nephilim and the Watchers. Book of Giants – 4Q531 Fragment 2.

The Testament of Enos – A fragment which contains quotes attributed to the pre-flood patriarch Enosh. Testament of Enos – 4Q369 Fragment 1 Column 2