There were giants on the Earth in those days…

Upon leaving Eden, the conflict between mankind and the Fallen was only beginning. Enmity between the children of man and the offspring of the Serpent raged from one generation to the next.

Seth is the third son of Adam and Eve. He has fought to defend his family for almost five hundred years in the bloody and savage antediluvian world. Seth longs for peace, but a new conspiracy of evil is rising. Angels, giants and men will clash as the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Seth’s skills, faith, and resolve will be tested as he fights to protect his people from annihilation at the hands of the Watchers and their monstrous offspring.

Enmity is the first book in the Thrones of the Watchers series; an epic dark fantasy that explores what happened when fallen angels descended to earth, took wives, and began to forge their own earthly kingdoms. Using the book of Genesis and other ancient documents for inspiration, a gripping tale of the origins of evil in our world is explored.

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About the Author

Paul J Fowler believes well-crafted stories have redemptive power. Growing up as the son of an Army officer gave him a well traveled and varied childhood. Paul has served in the ministry and enjoyed the opportunity to visit South America many times doing relief work.

His love of books and reading was encouraged by his parents. A sword in a stone, a magic wardrobe, and a Civil War captain who travels to Mars were the stories that fueled his young imagination. Paul’s hobbies have included archery, crossing swords as a fencer, and a love of hunting and the outdoors; these pursuits have all found expression in his stories.

As an adult, the mysteries of the book of Genesis and the world before the Flood recaptured his early love of adventure stories. Numerous visits to megalithic sites in Peru, many of which defy modern explanation, prompted Paul to study ancient histories. These writings led him to conclude the truth of our past was stranger than fiction.

Stay tuned at to learn more about the Story of the Watchers, the Nephilim, and the biblical prophetic narrative.

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