Who Were the Watchers?

“And I will put Enmity between them…”

This novel came out of my deep fascination with the Book of Genesis, especially the first three chapters. I had resolved to write a story about the Fall of Man as communicated from Adam’s perspective. While I expect to write that novel someday, another collection of stories came to the forefront of my imagination.

I started by scratching out some stories revolving around Adam and his sons navigating a world filled with fallen angels, giants, and other enemies in the antediluvian world. Further, I began to study the stories of the Jewish people that were common to the second temple period and I came to some conclusions:

First, I discovered that their truth was stranger than fiction.

Secondly, I concluded there was something very consequential about Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth.

It became clear my story would be centered on Seth, but would also highlight biblical characters such as Adam and Eve, about whom very little fiction has been written. When you begin to grasp their world as scripture and other documents describe it, Adam and his people were more courageous and noble than we have yet imagined. And who were the Watchers? This mysterious group of angels who defied God and demanded worship. The early church knew their story, why don’t we?

I know for a fact that Seth and Adam fought giants and other bio-engineered monsters? No, but the Jewish histories describe a world where these horrors were commonplace. What a great backdrop for a story…

Thrones I – Enmity is the first book in the Thrones of the Watchers series, an epic dark fantasy that explores the origins of evil in our world. Fans of fantasy, adventure, and alternative views of history will enjoy these stories.

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